Wood Based Gifts

Much of what we make is unique and one of a kind. With the laser we have the ability to label or etch differing materials and integratelabeling these into the final completed piece. In some cases, it will be a tag to explain or inform the viewer why or where this item was manufactured.  In others, we will brand the pieces as one of our Signature Collection Signature Coll-resizeditems.

The laser also provides us with the means to personalize a custom piece. With Cave B Vineyards, we lasered their wine labels into the top surface of a table providing for a one of a kind, personalized heirloom items with generations of meaning.


Spalted Maple Pen

In our world today, generic mass produced items dominate our lives; at Rustik Kreations our propose is to slow down and provide a well thought out gift which will become something to cherish for decades. An example is in receiving promotional pens and pencils that most of use see as use and lose items but this also speaks to each of our values. A high quality pen is something that indicates how special someone is to us as a gift and also show that the receiver is very conscious of his or her image.


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