Glass & Tile

Custom Tile your way

With current technology, we are no longer confined to products that huge manufactures want to provide us. With a little imagination you can create your own ideas or themes in tile and stone. Finished images will be based on black and white formats but the image itself  can be flexible. The picture to the left is an award with text engraved into the surface of pure black marble. In this case, the lasered portion is produced as a white marking.

engraved photos

If you have a unique picture or family portrait that you would like on tile; all we need is a high quality graphic file and this can be reproduced on special tile treated for laser engraving.

You can create unique settings by including lasered graphics into the overall layout. Whether a 30″ X 24″  graphic scene in a walk in shower or an extended tile layout for a kitchen back splash, you can do it our way.