Rustik-Kreations-SawmillOne of the bonuses involved in manufacturing from raw materials is in making use of excess material from the primary purpose of the material. In our case, our primary interest is securing logs that can be cut and process into fireplace mantels.  The first cut of any log will involve the upper round portion or wain of the log. This may be a piece from 3″ to 6″ thick and can vary in width and will involve the taper of the tree. Generally, each log will have two of these cuts which can provide very unique character and texture.


Blue pine used for wainscotting

Bar wainscotting

As we cut further into the log, this will provide slabbed mantel stock along with wide plank timbers for mantels , counter top and other uses.


Much of this material will be carefully dried and processed into unique furniture pieces.In the slider shown below, we feature many of the unique pieces we have been commissioned to make as well as other items made for sale through our store. Please give us a call or stop by and we can discuss your ideas.