Fireplace Mantels

A primary focus we have at RustiK Kreations is securing the proper wood destined for mantel pieces.
Over the past couple of decades with the introduction of gas fireplaces and contemporary to

the first step

the first step

modern architecture, the mantel piece has not been widely used. This trend is reversing and returning to fireplace construction with a mantel as a focal point in Great Room, Master Bedrooms and Living Rooms. We are even seeing these features focal points in kitchens.

I mention securing wood for this purpose as contrary to what many believe, all wood is not created equal. First wood species are very different with colors, character, grain and texture being unique to each. But even within one species, wood can vary greatly. The placement of a knot or the sap content all come to bear when you are looking for a mantel piece. These characteristics are then stressed by the simple location above the fireplace opening. Temperatures in this location will soar from a comfortable 66 to 68 degrees up to 180 degrees within minutes.

Timber King Sawmill

Timber King Sawmill

These factors should be considered when considering the purchase of a mantle. Any wood used for this purpose should be carefully processed and finished. Once in place, removal, adjustments or corrections will be very difficult.

At RustiK Kreations, we buy and process wood with these elements in mind. Depending on the species of wood, drying times will vary and in many cases, take years. Once dried, re-cutting occurs and finishing takes place.  Our process will carefully cut out a mantel from a log and then determine how best to use what is left over. The entire application makes sure that little is left for waste.

 Why should you purchase a mantel from RustiK Kreations?  

Knowledge of product involved and how it can be mounted and secured above a fireplace is big part of the answer. As mentioned above, the space above a fireplace is a very harsh climate. This requires a very stable mantel piece that is anchored and secured correctly. It is also essential that the product be very dry and  properly finished.

At RustiK Kreations, we provide assistance in layout, selection and design. Please look through our album of finished project pictures below. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so hopefully the pictures will provide the assistance you might need. We would be happy to discuss your ideas and help make them a reality

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  1. I am interested in a fireplace mantel of twisted juniper as shown in your fireplace mantel pictures. 615-305-2591 Thanks


  2. I’m hoping that all is well with you all and that you are safe from the fire.

    I’m looking for a fireplace mantel similar to the one in the first photo on your gallery page, big driftwood-like, the gnarlier the better. I didn’t see anything on Etsy like this – do you have a selection of this type of mantel available.


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