Signature Series

Occasionally, something we make turns out special. Sometimes it will be custom pieces as directed by one of our customers but frequently, it is a piece that has special character or color and really isn’t planned and we are not aware of it until the item is finished. This section gives tribute to those items.
Marble top base
This is a marble top that has been in our family for over 1/2 century. Originally, it was supported by thin wooden legs. We have just completed the new support structure made from quarter sawn white Oak. The lower platform was re-sawn with circular saw cuts left as appointments and blackened to contrast. Due to its weight, the top is easily removed from the base. Customized casters will be added so moving is easier.
Old growth cedar burl- salvaged paper birch base
Cedar Burl salvaged from deadwood. This 2″ thick slab shows the depth of beauty that Mother Nature produces. We used a mix of natural products to complement the finished piece. You can view this at Embellished Gifts in Cle Elum or contact us for more information. Available — Price – $675.00
Twisted Juniper mantel
Rocky Mountain Juniper mantel with branch corbels. This piece has excellent color and character. The mantel measures 66″ long and approximately 8″ deep with 14″ from the top to bottom of corbels. It is one of the most unique mantels we have assembled. Available — Price – $2250.00



Beam end mantel with doug fir trim

This was a custom application for one of our clients. To match the construction of their home, we used the ends of beams and laminated a mantel. The end grain of each beam show prominently which we further enhanced by offsetting from each adjoining piece. The end result fit very well into the existing room.



Approx size, 70" long X 39" wide
Approx size, 70″ long X 39″ wide
This turned out to be unique and very special. We secured a White Pine log which had been salvaged after a logging operation in the Cle Elum area. As we cut the log, blueing along the edges was very prominent. We used these cuts with the blued live edge of the log showing along the sides of this table. The piece is finished with Day’s SeaFin Teak Oil for exterior use. All connects are stainless steel or no-corrode fasteners. Available — Price – $1275.00
Cave B logo tableThis is a custom made table featuring Cave B Winery. All material is salvaged; the base is White Fir, top is quarter sawn white Oak with Red Oak distressed edging. Leveling feet are provided on each lag. We have laser engraved the Winery’s logo and then surround this with their unique labels. Dimensions for this table are 60″ long X 27″ wide and stand 32″ high.
Available — Price — $3200.00


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