Compare Antique, Salvaged & Reclaimed Wood differences

They are distinct – what does that mean to your project and to you?

Based on frequent conversations we have with customers, there is a bit of mis-understanding about the difference between salvaged and reclaimed wood . This also applies to using salvaged and reclaimed terms while discussing GREEN. The bottom line is most anything that is or will be sustainable can carry the “Green” label. We prefer the term sustainable to Green as it is easier to understand and apply.

This also is true of salvaged verses reclaimed. Both meet the sustainable label and therefore are “green”. The difference is also simple; reclaimed is material re-used from its original intended usage. A beam pulled from and old warehouse or dock is ‘reclaimed’ for use in a new setting. It could be cut up, re-shaped or used in any context, but the simple act of re-using fits the “reclaimed” definition.

Salvaged products come from items that were taken/secured because of a need for them to be removed. A simple illustration would be trees removed for a highway or new building. These are then processed into new products such as lumber, siding and/or furniture. This is different from harvesting trees on a commercial basis for resale.

This leads us to the next question; is one better than the other? You need to consider numerous things to understand and salvaged red cedarapply this. A beam reclaimed in Boston, Maine and shipped to Seattle, Washington is a reclaimed product that would need to be carefully considered to be a “green” product. While it is reclaimed, the cost in environmental terms would be hard to justify. Consequently, salvaging material in Washington and shipping it to Texas for reused again would need to be analyzed for it to be labeled Green.

In most case, green means reusing within 500 mile from its origination point. Whether it is salvaged or reclaimed, the real answer is “can you make use of the product and will it be better/sustainable for the next generation”. I found a short YouTube clip that illustrates the sustainability concept well. It is labeled How sustainability can save your business“.

6 oz Stainless or leather clad Flask

It’s been a long and wet winter
Finally, it appears spring is showing up.
On those cool mornings hitting the 1st tee or sitting
holding a rod and reel, this will provide the means to
warm you up a tad. Best part is we will put your name on it.

Customized Stainless Steel 6 oz Flask

        Customized 6 OZ Stainless Steel Flask6 oz Stainless flask that can be customized. Available in straight stainless or leather clad. Graphic and text (for extra cost) can be customized or save dollars by picking from our stock images.

Stainless                           $14.50

Leather Clad                   $17.50 

Leather options include dark brown, grey, natural and black.

This would make a great gift or Fathers Day present.


Stogie Sleeve

Simple Idea for Fathers Day
or Mothers Day
if your mom’s into Cigars

Cigar Sleeve

We have leather sleeves available which will protect your cigars. The interior sizing allows for a 6″ long stogie with a gauge of approx. 50. Leather exterior with protective flap and is 2″ wide. Interior is lined with felt.

Individual Leather Sleeve                            $13.75
Sleeves with stock graphics                         $18.75
add individual name                                      $25.00
Custom graphic or logos                   add $70/hr


Stylish and Rustik Wood Creations

Antique • Reclaimed • Salvaged

418 East First Street
Cle Elum, Washington

Fireplace Mantels

A primary focus we have at RustiK Kreations is securing the proper wood destined for mantel pieces.
Over the past couple of decades with the introduction of gas fireplaces and contemporary to

the first step

the first step

modern architecture, the mantel piece has not been widely used. This trend is reversing and returning to fireplace construction with a mantel as a focal point in Great Room, Master Bedrooms and Living Rooms. We are even seeing these features focal points in kitchens.

I mention securing wood for this purpose as contrary to what many believe, all wood is not created equal. First wood species are very different with colors, character, grain and texture being unique to each. But even within one species, wood can vary greatly. The placement of a knot or the sap content all come to bear when you are looking for a mantel piece. These characteristics are then stressed by the simple location above the fireplace opening. Temperatures in this location will soar from a comfortable 66 to 68 degrees up to 180 degrees within minutes.

Timber King Sawmill

Timber King Sawmill

These factors should be considered when considering the purchase of a mantle. Any wood used for this purpose should be carefully processed and finished. Once in place, removal, adjustments or corrections will be very difficult.

At RustiK Kreations, we buy and process wood with these elements in mind. Depending on the species of wood, drying times will vary and in many cases, take years. Once dried, re-cutting occurs and finishing takes place.  Our process will carefully cut out a mantel from a log and then determine how best to use what is left over. The entire application makes sure that little is left for waste.

 Why should you purchase a mantel from RustiK Kreations?  

Knowledge of product involved and how it can be mounted and secured above a fireplace is big part of the answer. As mentioned above, the space above a fireplace is a very harsh climate. This requires a very stable mantel piece that is anchored and secured correctly. It is also essential that the product be very dry and  properly finished.

At RustiK Kreations, we provide assistance in layout, selection and design. Please look through our album of finished project pictures below. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so hopefully the pictures will provide the assistance you might need. We would be happy to discuss your ideas and help make them a reality


This Site Projects:


  1. Set Up Soliloquay short codes for all



Customer Stories

I was looking for something unique for my new mantel and found the shop in Cle Elum that displayed some of Rustik Kreations beautiful items. When I didn’t see anything that fit my needs,  I found out that they could work with me, in person, phone and via email,  to design just the right piece for my mantel area with the wood that I liked. The finished product was completed very quickly and we arranged an easy delivery, even though I live in the Seattle area.   I found the whole process fun, cost effective, and I ended up with a custom piece that really adds some personality to my living room area. We love it, and we would definitely recommend Rustik Kreations for any of your artistic needs!
LH-Kirkland, WA


Our mantel is beautiful. Everyone is drawn not only to the amazing Juniper wood, but to its uniqueness in design and the magnificent color. Before we met Jerry, our entertainment center was a hodge-podge of pieces and looked very disjointed. Jerry pulled everything together with a gas fireplace in the center and  movable bookcases on either side with adjustable shelves that could be pulled out to access possible wiring problems in the future. Then he created a laser design on wood featuring a lake and majestic trees above the fireplace which was then crowned by the mantel itself. Jerry is very meticulous in working with customers, incorporating their ideas, but also infusing the project with a little magic of his own. It was a pleasure to work with him.   Sue & Roger -Wenatchee, WA


We are so pleased to have been able to work with you. The mantel and finished product turned out better than our expectations.  Margo & Daryl-Yakima, WA.